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Ellen and the Degenerates
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Ellen and the Degenerates – Herb Alert

Not to be confused with Ellen DeGeneres.

Photo: Megan Gross
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Ellen and the Degenerates

Herb Alert

September 1, 2017
What's For Breakfast? Records

I’m new to discovering Ellen and the Degenerates, but I already have a huge crush on them. Their latest EP Herb Alert was released on September 1st, 2017 with five hot tracks. “Ellen 2020” kicks off the album and I dare you to TRY to not bang your head along to this tune. The lyrics are hilarious and so relatable. “I don’t know what I should wear/ I want to show them that I care/ But that I don’t care that much/ Making choices sucks.”  If you can’t relate to that, you’re lying.

Ellen and the Degenerates reminds me a lot of a modern-day Lunachicks. I think it’s especially apparent in “Smoochy” with its quickly spit-out vocals and hard-hitting beat. The lyrics “Can you choose for me/ Hate deciding things/ I am a Gemini it is especially hard for me” are fucking genius. There’s a delicious breakdown as well, making this song just so perfectly well-rounded, like an ivy-league-bound honor student. Plus, I keep picturing Danny DeVito while listening to this song, probably because of the dark comedy Death to Smoochy, but that just makes it even better.

I give this record 5 out of 5 Portia De Rossis.

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