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Just invoking their name will rile up the entirety of the sub-50 year old populous. Why are people so ready to fight over a nerdy dude from Connecticut who sings about not getting laid, despite the fact that he has been a rockstar for 30 years and has been married for the most recent 13 of those years? Probably because Rivers writes bangers… but also, because homie puts out some straight up stinkers.

It begins at The Blue Album. This is arguably one of the greatest debut albums of all time and remains to this day their most popular record. I don’t need to go in detail about Blue because you all know it.

The next album is where the seeds of the Weezer divide happened… Pinkerton. I will be real with you, I don’t really care about Pinkerton. Please don’t hurt me. It’s not a bad album or anything. I just get kinda tired of whiny Rivers. Where Blue was more fun, Pinkerton takes itself more seriously. Upon its initial release, it was panned hard by critics. This prompted Rivers to dive into a depression and not release music for quite some time. Matt Sharp also left the band after this, which is what many of the older crowd look at as the catalyst to the band manifesting into what they’d eventually become.

The Green Album rips. No questions? Ok, good. Let’s move on.

Maladroit and Make Believe are okay, fun albums. Nothing really worth getting worked up over.

Uh oh…

Here it comes…


This is where the band loses the last of the old-head holdouts. I like “Pork and Beans.” I’m sorry. Sure, the rest is bad. But “Pork and Beans” is dumb fun. The rest of The Red Album is pretty ding dang bad though. I know there are people who defend it, but my god, LOOK AT THAT COWBOY HAT! Real quick question: Who’s worse? Cowboy Hat Bono? Or Cowboy Hat Rivers?

Raditude has almost no redeeming qualities, except for a dope album cover.

Hurley was surprisingly listenable. Maybe I’m being biased because I love LOST.

Everything Will Be Alright In The End rips hard! This is the album that a lot of my friends who have stuck with Weezer throughout the years said would pull me back in. They were right. Good job, friends!

White Album was fine. That’s about it.

The cover album, the Black Album, and Pacific Daydream make this whole thing end on a fart. The cover album wasn’t bad; it was just boring. For a band that’s never been afraid to take chances, they played everything pretty straight forward. The other two are just bad.

Overall, I’d say Weezer gets WAY more hate than they deserve. Have they put out some absolutely terrible songs? Of course. But they also have about three greatest hits albums worth of awesome songs.

Favorite Album: Blue Album

Favorite Song: “Perfect Situation” (Controversial, I know. But I have had this song stuck in my head since the day it was released and I love it.)

Weezer Disappointment Rating: 2/5 (This is golf rules. The lower the score, the less disappointed I am.)

At Odds is a collection of musings from a man slowly descending into insanity by forcing himself to listen to the entire discographies of bands that seem to face criticism and controversy with every release. Is it deserved? Is it too harsh? Let’s find out! Visit Website

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