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Decent Panini

The Jubilant Jibarito

Some sandwiches are bad. Some paninis are decent. Kyle reviews them all!

Sandwich: Pork Jibarito

Location: La Cocina Boricua De La Famila Galarza is a tiny, hole-in-the-wall, family run Puerto Rican restaurant on Fullerton Ave in Chicago. Just a few doors down from the Logan Hardware arcade bar and Quenchers Saloon, it’s the perfect location for family dinners, pre-show meals, or day drunk snacking after hours of pinball.

Ambiance: 10/10 would (and have) come back. The owner floats around to every table, making conversation like she’s known you for years. This trip, she told us the story about how she’s turned down every offer for a TV spot (including Food Network shows) because she refuses to have a bunch of assholes coming in all the time; she would rather serve friends and neighborhood locals. That’s pretty fucking punk rock.

Food: If you’ve never had a jibarito, it’s probably because you’ve never been to Chicago. It’s a decadent local delicacy featuring mix of meat (or avocado – if you don’t do that whole thing), cheese, mayo, lettuce and tomato all squashed between two giant fried plantains. Bread? Where you’re going you don’t need bread. If you find yourself saying, “Well Kyle, it’s not a sandwich if it doesn’t have bread.” then I say fuck right off! The KFC Double Down didn’t have bread and it is the best sandwich ever invented.

La Cocina Boricua offers full and half portions of their massive jibaritos because they are wonderful people and want to make sure you have something to eat after you slam five Chicago Handshakes during Nervous Passenger’s set at Quenchers. With savory Puerto Rican rice stacked high on the side, you won’t be desperate for late night munchies because you’re packing heat in that doggie bag you’ve been carrying around all night. Bonus points for their incredible garlic sauce. Ask for extras, trust me… I know a thing or two about sauces.

Oh, and it’s BYOB. What are you waiting for?


Decent Panini

Some sandwiches are bad. Some paninis are decent. Kyle reviews them all!

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