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Friskie Morris Album Review Roundtable

Album Review Roundtable: October 2017

An open and honest discussion about Chicagoland releases spanning all sub-genres of punk.

Friskie Morris would like to thank Jim and Zack of Oscar Bait (FMS #62), Brad of Turnspit (FMS #56) and Wiley of October Bird of Death (FMS #80) for being our guest panelists this episode of Album Review Roundtable from October 2017. All releases are available on Bandcamp.

Track listing of featured artists

1. Likes to Talk by Dog & Wolf – “Likes to Talk”
2. Death and his Brother Sleep by Only The Bones – “Hourglass”
3. Electric Demonic Plague EP by Asphyxiate – “E.D.P”
4. S/T by Vacuum – “Hot Tub”
5A. I by Dead Ending – “Ninety-Nine”
5B. II by Dead Ending – “Dead Ending”
6. In With the Out Patients by Kobanes – “Neat Freak”
7. GoatPop by Bad Jokes – “Anxious in G#”
8. Chabubai Gaeshi by MUNCH – “Future Problem Solvers”
9. Surfing with Satan by The Aquaholics – “Big Red Button”
10. Larry’s Cookies by Son of a Gun – “Taking Numbers”
11. Hallucination Realized Split by Self Hate – “Drugged Up”

Honorable Mentions:
** Metanoia: Sink or Swim by Short Story Inc
** Labor Plays by Labor
** Pure Chewing Satisfaction by Lard
** Old Wounds by Cliffhanger
** The Heart Wants What it wants and Mine Wants to Stop by Window, Window
** The Devil Was with Us by Won’t Stay Dead
** Timeline For Trainwrecks by Set It Straight!
** The Mix Is Shit by Future Flower Garden Demolition Machine
** How Dare You by The Bleak
** Demos by Rebelscum
** Demo by Soapbox Deluxe
** Necroskamicon by The Land Before Tim

Discover punk, ska and hardcore music in this weekly multi-format program highlighting the local Chicago scene and beyond.

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