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Best of 2018: Jen’s Top 10 Times Being Clocked in the Head

2017 was the year of the barf. This year, apparently, my general clumsiness and dumb luck outnumbered the times I puked. Personally, I am not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing but that might be my current concussion talking… Alright lets just dive in!

1. My bandmates have a knack for hitting me with equipment when we are loading. Oof. It’s not always their fault; I mean, I am always in the way somehow. Name a piece of standard gear you would have on tour, I probably got hit in the noggin with it at least once this year.

2. On the transmission of my car while changing the oxygen sensor. If you ever work on your car at all you probably know how much that hurts.

3. The tour van. Oh the places you can go…and hit your head on the way out. Don’t ask. Just don’t.

4. The pit at Punk Rock Bowling during Strike Anywhere. I got bonked real good by an elbow, in the ear. WORTH IT.

5. Awesomefest. I hit my head on several things and probably way more than I remember. To list a few: on a microphone, on beer I was drinking, and on the ground because I ate shit right after talking to Jan from The Shell Corporation outside the venue Space.

6. I dropped a crock pot on my head while putting it away on a shelf. No joke. I don’t recommend ever doing that.

7. I hit my head on the bumper of the tour van while puking from being iced right before we crossed the border into Mexico.

8. Slipped while fuckin’ in the shower. Bonked my head real good on the rim of the tub. Oops. Ouch.

9. One of my bandmates clocked me in the face in their sleep and it was seriously the funniest thing that has ever happened on tour.

10. Well here is the incident that inspired this whole Top 10 list. I got hit by a car, flew 10 ft and smashed my head on the pavement. It was probably the worst head injury of the year, right at the very end. Ta daaaaa.  I am alive! I would consider that a success!

Anyway, Happy New Year everyone. Cheers to healing, being less clumsy, and looking out for each other. Let’s keep going strong and picking each other up when we fall (or hit our heads).

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