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Jennifer Palladino of Rock ‘N Healthy Lifestyles on the Early Days of Punk

Rock ‘N Healthy Lifestyles podcast host and chiropractic doctor Jennifer Palladino comes on the podcast for episode 66 to discuss the glory days of the New York and London Punk scenes and her formative years within them. Jennifer discusses how mental health and addiction issues were or weren’t talked about and addressed during a time when the subjects were taboo, even amongst open-minded punks.

Scream Therapy ยท Episode 66: Jennifer Palladino of Rock ‘N Healthy Lifestyles on the early days of punk

Featured song clips:
Chelsea – “I’m on Fire” from Chelsea (Step-Forward Records, 1979)
Sonic Reducer live footage (Robert Luttrell, 1980).
Buzzcocks – “Breakdown” (live) from Time’s Up and Spiral Scratch (Domino Records, 2017)
Generation X – “One Hundred Punks” from Generation X (Chrysalis Records, 1978)


Scream Therapy is a podcast that explores the link between Punk Rock and mental health hosted by Jason Schreurs. Guests include members of the underground music scene living with mental health challenges.

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