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Scream Therapy: Rosie Richeson of Night Witch on Mental Health Advocacy & Sexual Predators

Host Jason Schreurs welcomes Rosie Richeson, screamer in Night Witch, a Hardcore/Punk band from Tallahassee, Florida. Rosie talks about the mental health advocacy work she’s done and how to take care of yourself to avoid burnout. She also addresses sexual predators in the Punk scene and her zero tolerance policy on dudes who use the Punk scene to abuse people.

Featured songs:
Night Witch – “No Access” from Who’s Next (2018)
Bad Sleep – “Reaction” from Self Titled (2018)
Night Witch – “Lucky” from Discography (2017)
Night Witch – “Who’s Next” from Who’s Next (2018)

Photo: Courage Music Photography

Scream Therapy ยท Episode 25: Rosie Richeson of Night Witch on mental health advocacy & sexual predators

Scream Therapy is a podcast that explores the link between Punk Rock and mental health hosted by Jason Schreurs. Guests include members of the underground music scene living with mental health challenges.

  1. Scream Therapy Big

    Rosie Richeson ex-Night Witch on Sexual Predators in the Punk Scene

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