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RAM ONES – Real Tree Camo

Play this one LOUD.


Real Tree Camo

July 26, 2019

The world can never have too many Hardcore bands, and this one is definitely one to watch. The bass is heavy, the drums are fast, the guitars are an absolute gut punch, and the vocals practically reach of the speakers to shake you awake. I know what you’re thinking, “Duh, it’s a Hardcore band. By definition it’s fast, loud, and in your face,” but what sets this album apart is that it’s full personality, and charm.

I knew from the moment I read their name (heh, Ramones, get it?) that I was probably going to like this band. Songs like “Lie, Cheat, Steal (not the one by Run The Jewels)”, and “The Reason (not the one by Hoobastank)” show that RAM ONES are special; they’re a Hardcore band who doesn’t take themselves too seriously. The songs have this chaotic energy that it’s just too common for Hardcore bands to contrive. When the singer screams, you can tell they mean it. No acting. And despite a wonderful sense of humor throughout the album, the jokes never undercut the heights of brutality this record has to offer.

The music is a creative blend of Metal and Hardcore influence, and the writing is nihilistic and funny. It has an effect like being hit in the face with a folding chair but you can’t stop laughing. It’s raw, it’s fun, it’s what I wish more bands were doing. Check it out if you’re a fun of Iron Reagan, or just great Hardcore.

I recommend listening to this one while moshing by yourself in your room, or while throwing bricks through windows.


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