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Vallory Falls Releases Double Single “As Above, So Below” & “To Save You”

Photo: Brian LaClair

Vallory Falls is back with a double-single preview of their upcoming album To Save You. “As Above, So Below” and the title track “To Save You.” The songs continue the spooky imagery of the band’s previous single “Want Me Dead,” with mentions of graveyards and Salem. While “As Above, So Below” tells a charming tale of love that feels like home, “To Save You” cautions against people-pleasing.

Gilliss explained the inspiration for the track’s title:

“I had seen the phrase ‘As Above, So Below’ a few times and it caught my eye. The idea resonated with me; a sort of dichotomy between life and death, give and take, and harmony that brought on a strong feeling of ‘carpe diem.’ That’s what I wanted to get across in the song: loving like it’s your last day, feeling no worries, taking advantage of what you have while you have it and not feeling afraid. If there is something like an afterlife or some other dimension, you should always strive to be the fullest version of yourself possible.”

“To Save You” kicks off with high intensity and a skate punk riff from Gilliss. The title track depicts a narrator with a savior complex and the toxicity of one-sided relationships. Gilliss wrote the track toward the breakup of his previous band. He was both surprised and excited that an older song gets a chance to shine on Vallory Falls’ debut and encompasses the album’s themes so well:

“[‘To Save You’ has] a lot to do with spreading yourself too thin, and becoming so complacent with being used but recognizing it’s just a moment in time. [At the time I wrote the song,] I was working a job I completely hated. I was staying up until 2 AM every night trying to resolve other people’s problems for them and receiving nothing in return, saving face at bars in Salem. But then there’s the line in the chorus where the situation is accepted for what it is, where the crux of the album is realized: ‘I look inside and know / that everything is alright.’”

Vallory Falls will kick off the Summer Camp Tour with To Save You’s release show on June 29th  in their hometown Burlington, VT. Check out additional northeast dates below and stream the dual singles too!

Jun 29, 2024
Burlington, VT Burlington Beer Company
Jul 5, 2024
Plattsburgh, NY Peabody's
Jul 6, 2024
Turners Falls, MA Rendezvous
Jul 7, 2024
Rutland, VT Mountain Music
Jul 10, 2024
Clinton, CT Scottish Dave's
Jul 11, 2024
Providence, RI AS220
Jul 12, 2024
Boston, MA Square Root
Jul 13, 2024
Concord, NH Penuche's
Jul 14, 2024
Portland, ME BPM
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