Bad Copy

Show Review

Briston Maroney with Phoebe Go in Milwaukee, WI

"Taking lots of reckless drives to ease the edge of reckless minds"

Photo: Jenna Guffey

It was a blast to prepare myself mentally for an amazing show that I knew was coming my way. I had seen Briston Maroney one other time before this show and he never disappoints. I was very excited for the opener as well, known as Phoebe Go. I arrived and eagerly walked to the front of the crowd to capture the night I had been waiting for.

The first act was very shy but full of talent. Her smile lit up the room and welcomed you in. I had never heard of Phoebe Go before seeing her perform and she definitely caught my attention. I think her vibe and the atmosphere she brought in was perfect to ease the crowd into the headliner.

When Briston Maroney came on he had a huge smile plastered across his face. The crowd was full of ecstatic energy and contagious excitement. He immediately went into his opening song titled “Body” and everyone started to sing along. The night was full of many other great songs and chill vibes. The floor beneath me was also slightly bouncing as everyone had the time of their lives.

Take a look at the photos I captured in the below photo gallery!

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