Bad Copy

Show Review

From Indian Lakes & Dirty Buyer in Chicago, IL

"You used to come alive In the darkness, you held a light In the basement, you held them tight"

Photo: Jenna Guffey

I have known of the band From Indian Lakes for awhile now, as well as his solo work that he’s done by the name of “Joe Vann.” His music is a mix of alternative/indie/rock. But his sounds is very unique and different from a lot of artists I have came across. I would highly recommend giving all of his work a listen.

The opener goes by the name of “Dirt Buyer” and are an emo-folk band. I had never heard of them before the show and I was excited to see what they had to offer. The band entered the stage with a very welcoming presence. They kicked off the night with their unique talents, preparing everyone for From Indian Lakes.

The four piece entered the room gracefully. Joe Vann entered the stage dressed for the occasion. He also had a beautiful guitar that he was about to make magic with. The night continued on with peaceful and melancholy tunes. The show was overall a very chill and memorable experience.

Check out my photos below:

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