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Magic City Hippies with CAPYAC in Chicago, IL

"Caught up in the summer heat, swimming in your honey sea." -MCH

Photo: Jenna Guffey

 The night began at one of my favorite venues, Metro in Chicago. I have been here various times to take photos and it is always an amazing experience. From the energetic crowd and to the captivating sound. I always know that whomever I see here will provide an amazing experience. I knew Magic City Hippies was my next show to attend and I was beyond excited. The band has a very relaxed yet upbeat sound. I walked into the venue ready to take on what the bands for the night had to offer.

The first group to walk the stage was named CAPYAC. The lead singer was dressed in a long fur coat and his partner was dressed in uniquely decorated overalls. The two share similar humor while performing. Their sound consisted of techno vibes and using a toy pig to create noises. They were also very interactive with the crowd and encouraged them to cheer or even boo at them. Overall, they put on an entertaining yet different show. They prepared the crowd for what they were ultimately waiting for, Magic City Hippies.

The five piece band entered the stage with smiles plastered across their faces. They were ecstatic to show the people what they were capable of creating. The Hawaiian shirts help paint an image of what vibe the band aims for. They provide poolside jams and a desire to drive around with your windows down. The show was a nice escape to an idea of a tropical fantasy. Which made me completely forget their was snow on the ground outside. 

Check out the photos in the gallery below!

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