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Punk the Burbs Fest 2017 in West Chicago, IL featuring Squirtgun, The Crombies, & More

You couldn't keep up with the skanking at this fest even if you wanted to.

Fest 16

As someone who organizes local shows and mini-fests in Chicago, I will be the first to say they are a beast to assemble. From the months of planning to the day of the show(s), there’s always something to do and a crisis to address. That’s why when Caitlin of Bumsy & the Moochers approached me about potentially sponsoring a new mini-fest she was putting together called Punk the Burbs Fest, I said ‘yes’ without hesitation.

For its initial year, Punk the Burbs fest was a one day, all-ages fest at Cairo Ale House in West Chicago, that boasted a fifteen band line-up from all over Chicagoland with a few bands from out of town. Encompassing a mix of ska, pop punk, rock and post-punk, the day long fest lineup featured: Interdependence, Pastaways, Law of Keanu, Morgan and the Freemen, Must Build Jacuzzi, The Radio Buzzkills, Stellar West, Deal Breakers, Sleeping Under 47, California Killers, The Run Around, Bumsy and the Moochers, AM Taxi, The Crombies, and headlining the night was Mass Giorgini’s brainchild, Squirtgun.

As the day went on I noticed a few things. For being in its inaugural year, everything ran like a well oiled machine. There wasn’t a single band I disliked, and I am incredibly out of touch with the underage punk scene in Chicagoland. While watching bands half my age kill it onstage, I realized once I had hit my mid-twenties, my life became 21+ and I’ve been missing out on some amazing underage bands that I would’ve never seen had it not been for a fest like Punk the Burbs.

Check out the photos below for a snapshot of the day (pun intended). Thanks to LEAP Photography for allowing us to use some of their photos to accompany this write up. More of their photos from Punk the Burbs Fest and other shows can be found on their Facebook page.

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