Bad Copy

Matt, Don't Drink It!

“English Butter Melon”

Some people like bad movies. I like bad drinks.

Butterscotch schnapps + Midori + Gin + Soda

Created by: Bad idea by local figure skating gold medalist Kelly Morr. Named and crafted by an unnamed bartender @ Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco, CA on April 22th, 2018

Bartender remarks: “You didn’t ask, but I’m putting soda in here. It’s too syrupy without it. No charge.” FREE DRINK!

Consumed while: Watching Oakland, California’s zombie sex connoisseurs Them Creatures

Verdict: This could be a real drink. It’s incredibly, incredibly sweet. Pretty sure my friend in high school drank this and told me, “It tastes like candy! You can’t even taste the alcohol!” The gin aftertaste is so cut with sweetener, it makes the drink somewhat complex, not bad. Bafflingly drinkable. Disaster.

Score: 5/5

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