Bad Copy

Matt, Don't Drink It!


This is a shouting match in booze for

Rye Whiskey + Red Bull + Kahlúa

Created by: Bad idea by yours truly. Crafted by a skeptical unnamed bartender @ Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco, CA on Apr. 22th, 2018

Bartender remarks: “Together!?”

Consumed while: Listening to loud noise music over the PA system. Whoever runs sound here really knows how to create a nice, relaxing atmosphere.

Verdict: Bad. Red Bull and Rye is awful. Spicy and complex rye just completely sledgehammered by overpowering Red Bull tang, with a coffee aftertaste? This is a shouting match in booze form. I don’t think anyone could guess the ingredients to this thing. Disgusting swill. A stunning success!

Score: 1/5

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