Bad Copy

Matt, Don't Drink It!

“Lemon Mentos Booger”

The classic lemon and milk combo!

Fernet Branca Menta + Half and Half + Lemon

Created by: Bad idea by horror film producer Kelly Morr. Named and crafted by a grinning unnamed bartender @ Ivy Room in Albany, CA on Apr. 19th, 2018

Bartender remarks: “Oh, so you just wanna barf, huh?” FREE DRINK!

Consumed while: Watching The Re-Volts rock the house.

Verdict: The classic lemon and milk combo! Timeless, really. You can see the curdled half and half chunks collecting on the side of the glass. Throw in a Menta minty explosion, too, why not? Tastes like a citrus Mentos, which is a real candy that is sold at real grocery stores. That’s not a good sign if you want a bad drink. And, I didn’t puke off the lemon and milk. You act like you’ve never eaten lemon pound cake before. Think about it for two seconds. All in all, not a bad drink. Such a shame.

Score: 4/5

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Some people like bad movies. Matt Diamant likes bad drinks and rates his experiences with these concoctions. He also takes requests!

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