Bad Copy

Matt, Don't Drink It!

“The Estuary Iced Tea”

It summons the patron saint of bad decision making

Dark Rum + Whiskey + Brandy + Gold Tequila + Triple Sec + Cola

Created by: Bad idea by yours truly. Crafted, while laughing maniacally, by an unnamed bartender @ Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco, CA on April 22th, 2018

Bartender remarks: Halfway through making my drink asked “Sorry, can you show me that again?” and “Hey, I kinda like this!” after trying it. That’s usually a bad sign.

Consumed while: Watching The Remones, San Francisco’s Ramones cover band

Verdict: This is a like Long Island Iced Tea except with dark booze, if you didn’t catch that. If you wanted the Jack and Coke version of a Long Island Iced Tea, this is it. It’s dangerous. I’m pretty sure if you drink this, it summons the patron saint of bad decision making. I’d actually recommend this drink. Failure.

Score: 5/5

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Some people like bad movies. Matt Diamant likes bad drinks and rates his experiences with these concoctions. He also takes requests!

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