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Alex Pley of lowheaven on Mental Health Support Groups

Host Jason Schreurs and lowheaven guitarist Alex Pley talk about their experiences with support groups and how they are so important to a mental wellness plan. Alex has attended and facilitated support groups and is also a a mental health professional who works in group therapy. The punk scene and support groups have a lot in common, according to Alex, in that they provide a place where people understand each other and can band together over common struggles.

Scream Therapy · Episode 73: Alex Pley of lowheaven on mental health support groups

Featured song clips:
lowheaven – “Cancer Sleep” from collapse (Skeletal Lightning, 2023)
Protest The Hero – “Nautical” live in Hamilton, Ontario, (June 10, 2006)
lowheaven – “Of Us Away” from collapse (Skeletal Lightning, 2023)

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Scream Therapy is a podcast that explores the link between Punk Rock and mental health hosted by Jason Schreurs. Guests include members of the underground music scene living with mental health challenges.

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