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Best of 2017: Ty’s List of Everything Worth Celebrating

Heckin' A right, buds! This year ripped!

I grew more as a person this year than any other that I can remember. I also did more things with music and art this year than any other that I can remember. The walls between my world of music and my “real” world came down and now they permanently exist together. Here are some quick highlights before I get into my specific favorite albums and whatnot: I got a new wheelchair, I got a new van, I booked five shows with one of them being a festival, I released a compilation CD on my friends label, I released four DIY print zines, I got the opportunity to write for this rad dream of a website, I went to more shows than there are weeks in a year, I played my first show, and I made friends from both coasts. While I am proud of myself for all of that, I also recognize that none of it would be possible without the unrelenting support of my family and friends and the guidance of great music through it all. I’m lucky and tired and happy. Thank you.

Top 5 shows I attended:

1) Bong Mountain VS. Murder Party! (battleset)/The Westside Rebellion/NoBreaks/The Scants/The Bloody Lips (surprise mini-set) @ Tip Top Deluxe in Grand Rapids, MI – January 8

This show was actually a surprise benefit for my family and me, so maybe I’m biased, but I don’t care. The intent was to raise money for a new wheelchair accessible van and it was a roaring success. It wasn’t the end of the fundraising, but it was a huge chunk of what we needed and the outpouring of love and support from all my friends gave me all the feelings. I felt a little hopeless before that night, but left beaming and I mostly haven’t stopped since.

2) Jeff Rosenstock/Laura Stevenson/Wack Trucks @ The Pyramid Scheme in Grand Rapids, MI – July 13

Over the last couple years, I’ve been slowly indoctrinating my younger cousin, Jessie, into the world of pop-punk. To get to take him to this all ages ripper of a show was really special. We got to see my pal, Rick Johnson’s old band, Wack Trucks, reunite and play alongside other Bomb The Music Industry alumni’s newer projects. We fanboyed pretty hard.

3) The Penske File/Bike Tuff/Sleep Cheaters @ Pineapple House in Grand Rapids, MI – October 5

I had my new van at this point and went with my friend Sam. The venue changed at the last minute and I went into a panic because the vast majority of house shows are entirely inaccessible. Luckily it was my friend Matt that booked it and he had me in mind when picking a venue. So I got in this place just fine. My first house show ever. I got passed the mic and got to sing what felt like multiple songs and James from The Penske File afterward dubbed me the “unofficial fourth member of The Penske File.” I cried a lot with Matt and Connor.

4) New Found Glory/ROAM @ The Intersection in Grand Rapids, MI – November 10

It’s 2017. I’m almost 28 and I still love New Found Glory. Bite my shiny metal butt. I’d never seen them before that night and got to check them off my bucket list. To experience them playing Sticks And Stones and Catalyst in full was everything I could’ve hoped for. And to have my brother Tanner, my cousin Troy, and his wife Stephanie by my side for it felt like life coming full circle in a way. My experience with the staff at this gig completely restored my faith in The Intersection and convinced me to lift my two-year boycott.

5) Mom Jeans/Prince Daddy & The Hyena/Kississippi/Mover Shaker/Moses @ Counter Culture in Saginaw, MI – November 17

And finally, after 14 years of going to shows, I got to attend my first ever one out of my home town because I finally had the means to get there with my new van, Mabu, which I named after the PUP song. I went with my dear friends Jason and Riley. Honestly, for as wonderful as the show was, the drive itself was about as fun for me. Bonding, eating junk food, and singing emo songs with my buds two and a half hours from home was symbolic of the new happiness and freedom I found this year. That trip might sound like not a very big deal to some of you reading this, but that night was crucial and put a lot of things in perspective for me. I’ll never forget it.

Top 15 LPs:

1) ParamoreAfter Laughter – Fueled By Ramen

2) Oliver HoustonWhatever Works – self-released

3) The MenzingersAfter The Party – Epitaph Records

4) Boys HomeWishbone – self-released

5) Shoebox/Stubborn StraysSick Kid City (split) – self-released

6) NothingtonIn The End – Red Scare Industries

7) DaisysGuest Room – self-released

8) Tigers Jawspin – Black Cement Records

9) Iron ChicYou Can’t Stay Here – SideOneDummy Records

10) Graduating LifeAn Introduction To Rock & Roll – Counter Intuitive Records

11) City MouseGet Right – It’s Alive Records

12) Charles RogersHigh Concept – self-released

13) Exit OrderSeed Of Hysteria  – Side Two Records

14) The Bloody LipsB-Side Noise – Independent Fries

15) Sincere EngineerRhombithian – Red Scare Industries


Top 5 EPs:

1) Ogikubo Stations/t  – Asian Man Records

2) The Westside Rebellions/t – Put Out Your Own Records

3) Mom Jeans/Prince Daddy & The Hyena/Pictures Of VernonNow That’s What I Call Music Vol. 420 (split) – Counter Intuitive Records

4) The Quirks/t – self-released

5) Pure Hisss/t – Skeletal Lightning & Time Will Tell Records


Top 5 songs I had to listen to twice in a row every dang time:

1) Nothington – “The Lies I Need” (Red Scare Industries)

2) Culture Abuse – “So Busted” (Epitaph Records)

3) Cold Wrecks – “Therapy” (Brighter Days Records)

4) Sincere Engineer – “Shattering” (Red Scare Industries)

5) Bet On Rats – “I Will Crawl” (Put Out Your Own Records)


Top 5 new (to me) discoveries:

1) Desaparecidos (Omaha, NE)

2) Typesetter (Chicago, IL)

3) Carmel Liburdi (Detroit, MI)

4) Mannequin Pussy (Philadelphia, PA)

5) Mobina Galore (Winnipeg, MB, CAN)


Top 5 movies:

1) Get Out – dir. Jordan Peele

2) Logan – dir. James Mangold

3) Okja – dir. Bong Joon-ho

4) My Friend Dahmer – dir. Marc Meyers

5) It – dir. Andrés Muschietti


Top 3 zines:

1) Night HagRayne Klar

2) 25 Swords Vol. 1stolenchapstick

3) Perfectly Disabled – Corissa Barro

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