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enough. Podcast: Episode 40 – Kristina Sarhadi: “People Don’t Hang Their Whole Lives on a Music Scene, But We Do”

Episode 40 of enough. features Kristina Sarhadi – a therapist, reiki master, writer and recovering social worker from New York. Kristina found salvation in the punk community as an escape from her home life. But when she finally met her idol, the singer of a political punk band that helped shape her values, instead of treating her like part of the community, he raped her. She describes the details of that night, how it changed the trajectory of her life and how she interacts with music.

Listen to Episode 40 below: 

If you have been on the receiving end of harm from someone: be it artist, venue owner, audience member, or someone else and would like to share your story on a future episode, please reach out to

enough. is a podcast which aims to shine light into the darkened corners of the music industry while discussing the ways we can and should improve ourselves and, in turn, our community. Listen on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or Spotify.

  • Omar little says:

    I reiterate. We live in a time where a public accusation wether it be social media, podcast, etc, can ruin a man or woman’s life. She could be telling the truth. We don’t know. God forbid she files a police report. But the damage is done. And now, 25 years of public trust through music is wiped off the face of the earth because a woman came on a podcast that’s no one’s ever heard of until now made an accusation. We live in wild times. I know this will get deleted, because who would want any dissenting opinion on this right?

    • Help help I'm being oppressed says:

      She never identified him by name, you goober. It was random people online who put 2 + 2 together and made the accusation. Antiflag went ahead and disbanded on their own accord.

      • Omar little says:

        You’re insinuating this had nothing to do with them disbanding? Every single article I’ve read literally has referenced this podcast episode as the source of the accusations. Don’t be silly.

        • Colin S. says:

          Do you think they’d have disbanded if these accusations were false? If I was falsely accused of rape I’d be in court fighting it the very first second I could, and I’d ask my friends and bandmates to support me because I was innocent. That didn’t happen, and we all know why. Don’t be silly.

  • memberberry says:

    antiflag sucks.

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