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Jason Hamacher (Zealot R.I.P., Frodus) on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity

Host Jason Schreurs welcomes Jason Hamacher to the podcast. Jason is the drummer for Zealot R.I.P. and has also drummed in Frodus, among others. Jason talked about functioning with attention deficit hyperactivity and channeling it into creative projects such music and photography.

Scream Therapy ยท Episode 42: Jason Hamacher of Zealot R.I.P. and Frodus on attention deficit hyperactivity

Featured songs:
Zealot R.I.P. – “Magnetic Field of Dreams” from The Extinction of You (Three One G, 2021)
Gorilla Biscuits – “Good Intentions” from Start Today (Revelation Records, 1989)
Zealot R.I.P. – “Personality Conflict” from The Extinction of You (Three One G, 2021)

Photo: Josh Sisk

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