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Bobby Bray of The Locust on Screaming as Preventive Therapy

Host Jason Schreurs welcomes Bobby Bray, guitarist and screecher in San Diego grind-weirdos The Locust. Bobby talks about screaming as preventative therapy and offers his opinions about mental health and the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Illness. You know I hate that word!

Scream Therapy ยท Episode 44: Bobby Bray of The Locust on screaming as preventive therapy

Featured song clips:
The Locust – “The Half Eaten Sausage Would Like to See You In His Office” from The Peel Sessions (Radio Surgery, 2010)
The Locust – “How to Become a Virgin” from The Peel Sessions (Radio Surgery, 2010)
Dropdead – “New World Slaughter” from split 5″ with Crossed Out (Selfless Records, 1992)
Napalm Death “Scum” from Scum (Earache Records, 1997)
The Locust – “Cattle Mutilation” from The Peel Sessions (Radio Surgery, 2010)
INUS – “Time Is a Person” from Western Spaghettification (Three One G Records, 2019)

Photo: Becky DiGiglio

Scream Therapy is a podcast that explores the link between Punk Rock and mental health hosted by Jason Schreurs. Guests include members of the underground music scene living with mental health challenges.

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