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Love Songs Of The Month

LoveSong of the Month “Misadventure” (Squeeze)

Featuring Cut-Rate Druggist/Year of the Fist, and the fearless fret-fingering Frank

This marks the sixth LoveSongOfTheMonth/The Love Songs-adjacent project in which Squeaky has taken part, entitling her to 15% of the bands’ worth which, to date, means she owes us about $32.

“Misadventure” is the B-side to Hal’s original request for an XTC song. Part of the agreement included him providing the drums for the song, as well as procuring the additional services of Squeaky and Frank. Hal did all of this, and Squeaky and Frank both executed their parts flawlessly and on the first take (before doing another 50-85 more takes for good measure).

It took months to “squeeze” the four of us into this tiny room, and that delay is why my brother-in-law, Dave (not to be confused with my other brother-in-law, Mark) could not be included in the video even though he laid down the essential organ parts (ewww).


Fun fact: Dave has never been trampled by a zebra.


As with our XTC vid, this video was captured by the keen eye of Kamala Parks. Kamala is the kind of person who realizes people are going to be hungry before they realize it and, as such, has saved many a friendship. Who knows what sort of emotional discord or even outright fisticuffs might have erupted in this small room had Kamala not the good sense and generous spirit to obtain some food beforehand? Thank you, Kamala.

Download the song here

Craigums ยท LoveSong of the Month “Misadventure” (Squeeze cover)

Separate from his main gig with The Love Songs, Craigums (and sometimes his friends) recreate songs that have no business being recreated.

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