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Dominic Davi (Tsunami Bomb) Lists Challenges, Successes, and the Great Entertainment of 2020

This year has been… a year. While everyone seemed to have what we could collectively describe as a “shitty year,” everyone has had a very different 2020. This year, we couldn’t all meet up at festivals all over the country or the world. This year we couldn’t high five each other, chug cheap beer, and scream along to songs in a basement (or garage or sticky venue) on a Friday night. All the things that seemingly made us “us” were stripped away, leaving other facets of ourselves that we had long since forgotten or placed on an upper shelf to collect dust for some day when we would have more free time.

I’ve spoken to people who feel like they lost their hold on music and others who clung onto it for dear life like a life preserver. It’s been… a year. And while everyone has bravely faced 2020 with a different arsenal of supplies, this resulted in a variety different outcomes. That’s why, in addition to our contributors’ End of the Year Lists, we at Bad Copy have reached out to a handful of friends involved in music this year and asked them to share their top lists. Music, movies, photos, memories, new hobbies – much like 2020, nothing is off the table when it comes to these lists. Let’s find a little good in the bad, try to laugh at what we can’t control, and pray that we will be able to safely see each other soon. First round is on me. – Kendra Sheetz, Editor

It’s an unavoidable truth that 2020 was a terrible year for all of us. It honestly almost feels a moot point to even make at all. However even in a trash year, there were highlights that kept us going. Some of mine were about overcoming and adapting to the year’s challenges. Tsunami Bomb saw any plans to tour behind our new album, The Spine That Binds, completely obliterated, but we were able to put together a limited edition new 7” called Still Standing for our street team, and then have Alternative Tentacles Records convince us to put out a wide release version. It finally hits the shelves officially on January 22, 2021.

Speaking of which, Alternative Tentacles looked like they were going to have a rough year, but we managed to turn it around and have one of our strongest years yet, allowing us to bring on more staff despite the pandemic, and the release schedule for 2021 is already looking absolutely insane. My job went from looking dire to being completely exciting and possibly the start of a new era for the label and it’s all thanks to increased mail orders. Thank you music fans!

My artwork has kicked up again and I’ve been posting a lot more work to my Instagram or you can also see it at I’ve come to understand just how essential making art is to my well-being, and sharing it is just a bonus. I created a series of pieces about COVID-19 and one of them, titled “Love in Covid” ended up kinda going viral (no pun intended), so that was a highlight. Best part was seeing all the wonky knock-offs that came out. You know you’re onto something when people rush to put out crappy pullovers with bad versions of your art on them.

People usually make these year-end “best of” summaries actual lists, so with that in mind, here are a few things I found that helped me get through the year in no particular order.

Tiger King – An absolute batshit story that had the whole nation mesmerized for ten minutes. I regret nothing.

Ru Paul’s Drag Race – I’ve been a huge fan forever but introducing my sister to the show and binge watching all the seasons has been a treat and a reminder why this show is AMAZING and VITAL. Waaaatch it.

-Dungeons & Dragons – I haven’t played this since the first edition when I was a little kid (Stranger Things style), and I have come back to it now in the 5th both as a DM and a player in different Zoom games with players from all over the country. I love it so much and I can’t talk it up enough. We should totally play D&D sometime.

RTJ4 by Run The Jewels – The classic Punk Rock album everyone was waiting for that would sum up the times we are living in was actually a rap album. Brilliant.

Under The Spell Of Joy by Death Valley Girls – It’s been an absolute joy watching this band get better and better while becoming more and more interesting along the way.

Welcome To The Machina by L.A. Machina – This is both a highlight and a heartbreak. Alternative Tentacles was going to release this at Punk Rock Bowling to coincide with the band’s debut on the main stage of the festival. Despite the festival canceling, the 7” flew off the shelves after it was released, showing a new band full of promise only to now have them break up. Sometimes the brightest flames burn the hottest. We have a few of these left, so grab one before they are gone forever. Least we have that 7″ to remember them by.

XIX – The Lobsrosities – A super limited edition 7” run by my friend, Middaugh Goodwin for a band that is the best band you’ve never heard of. Sold out in minutes leaving tons of people pissed they missed out. The band’s been in a hiatus for years and if you know, you know. Those that know, want this band back together…  Look for “Gasher” on Spotify off of The Ranger movie soundtrack. That’s all you will be able find… for now.

The Great British Bake Off – I discovered this show this year, and it’s very relaxing. No manufactured drama, just people competing to bake things. I love it so much.

Making The Cut – All the best parts about Project Runway in a new show. You might sense a theme here with me, I like reality shows that show people testing their skills. Huge fan and so fun watching people create brands. Highly recommended.

The Mandalorian – At long last, Star Wars done right. It’s a great show even without being a fan of the star war. It’s just that good.

You Oughta Know is a collection of recommendations and picks from the Bad Copy staff.

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