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LoveSong of the Month “Stealing People’s Mail” b/w “Kill the Poor” (Dead Kennedys)

Hoping to avoid my own plastic surgery disaster.

I’m going light this month on account of some spectacular injuries incurred from a spectacularly unremarkable bike crash. But fear not, the bike is okay and even my helmet remains unscathed thanks to my face being in the way. But this month, and maybe even next, I’m going to have to forgo making videos until I get some new teeth. In the meantime please enjoy my stab at two Dead Kennedys songs…

If you were to use my kids as a metric then “Stealing People’s Mail” is a children’s song. The second the (admittedly jarring) intro kicks in, they go nuts. And they also find the basic concept of stealing people’s mail so absurd as to be hilarious. Personally, I’m more perplexed by how much mail the DK’s think they’re going to gather if they wait until Friday night to steal it.
Listen to/Download the audio here:

Craigums · LoveSong of the Month “Stealing People’s Mail” (Dead Kennedys cover)

Like with “Stealing People’s Mail”, the first time I heard “Kill The Poor” I was too ignorant to grasp its irony and sarcasm (to be fair I was only 13). At the time I actually thought it was a shockingly clever proposal by a band who’d already shocked me with their very name. The offensive idea, the graphic words, the stupefying imagery… all ripe presentation for an idiot kid to take at face value. But eventually I joined a band called Anal Mucus who had songs like “Dustbuster Abortion” and “I’m Ain’t Not No Florist” so I eventually became pretty savvy to the art of literary misdirection and the practice of satirical yet erudite exploitations n’ stuff.

Listen To/Download the audio here:

Craigums · LoveSong of the Month “Kill the Poor” (Dead Kennedys cover)

Separate from his main gig with The Love Songs, Craigums (and sometimes his friends) recreate songs that have no business being recreated.

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