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Avem – Sing Every Day

If you don't like music about birds, then cluck you.

Sing Every Day

July 15, 2018

I can’t be the only one who thinks all the greatest pop culture is about birds, right? It’s a subject that can’t miss, whether it’s James Nguyen’s masterpiece Birdemic: Shock and Terror or that one song that insists bird is the word over and over and over and over again. What better way to pay respect to dinosaurs who looked extinction in the face and literally flipped it the bird? Canadian pop-punkers Avem are the latest to hear the caw of the wild and give the world more of what it needs. Sing Every Day is four flap-tastic songs exalting our avian allies that will have you shaking your tail feathers.

The EP is not only entertaining, but informative as exemplified with lead single “Blue Jay.” The minute and a half ripper is filled with useful information such as “cardinals are the reddest birds” or “robins have the biggest tits.” Avem makes learning fun! “Martian Wren” follows it up and tells the tale of a birdwatcher haunted by a past encounter with an out of this world fowl. I’m not sure exactly what happened on that fateful walk, but this Martian Wren from Mars sounds like a real dick. Maybe we should ask The Lillingtons; it sounds like a song they would write.

Growing up isn’t easy for any species, but “Rotten Egg” highlights the difficulties of living up to the expectations that come with being born a bird. Like so many human children, it appears not every hatchling maintains a fulfilling relationship with their parents. Not being a bird myself, I may have missed the point of this song. But it sounds like no matter what type of shell you emerge from, you are the master of your destiny. You could sit around the nest tweeting about the opportunities others have been fortunate to have, or you can go out and be the best motherfucking bird you can be. This uplifting message of positivity is a top-flight lead-in to the closing and title track, “Sing Every Day.” It is perfect for birds of every feather to get together and squawk along to. Take it from the birds: whether things are good or bad, life is all about singing.

There is so much about our own lives we can learn from birds. Good for Avem for taking the initiative and helping to raise awareness of this. With the levels of absurdity that so much pop-punk wanders into, it’s refreshing to see a band keeping their wits about them and talking about real issues. Whether you’re a falcon in the city dive-bombing pigeons or a simple hyper-chicken from a backwoods asteroid, this EP is not to be missed.

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