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Booze Cruise Festival (UK) Announces First Wave Lineup

It’s cold, grey, and miserable in Chicago and much of the US right now. That means it’s the perfect time to start thinking of vacations! Good thing that the people behind Booze Cruise Festival has just released the first wave of bands for the second annual UK fest!

The party takes place on the ‘bank holiday’ weekend at Bristol’s┬ásafe space and hub of independent music, The Exchange. With bands coming from all over the world, it looks even better and more diverse than the 2019 lineup.

Daniel Baker of Bristol Booze Cruise had the following to say:

“A lot of curating of the festival is purely bands we love and want to see, so in that sense its not a ‘conventional’ festival.’ I am personally in a touring band so get to meet and play with so many bands I either love, or fall in love with so its a big buddy fest! I think I have played with or met around 85% of the line-up and lots of the bands know each other so its good vibes only.

“On the flip-side, we want to give the opportunity to bands the audience may never have of heard or got to see. We want people to walk away from the weekend discovering their new favorite band. Furthermore, for many bands coming from abroad its not financially possible to tour the UK without a festival, so if we can get bands over, we will!”

Tickets are on sale now and there’s a limited amount of Early Bird Tickets so grab yours today and check out the First Wave of the festival below!

Aerial Salad – UK
All Better – UK
Alright – USA
Antillectual – NL
Burnt Tapes – UK
Darko – UK
Empire Me! – DE
The Gay Agenda – USA
Good Friend – IRL
Goodbye Blue Monday – UK
Hit Like A Girl – USA
Jabber – USA
Late Bloomer – USA
The Menstrual Cramps – UK
Mikey Erg Band – USA
Moonraker – USA
Ramona – USA
The Run Up – UK
Sewer Rats – DE
Shoreline – DE
The Social Club – UK
Teenage Bubblegum – IT
Trophy Jump – HR
Pardon Us – UK
Witching Waves – UK

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