Bad Copy

Kevin Rettie

Kevin Rettie

San Diego, CAunited_states

Pro-Am writer. Quote unquote photographer. Professional curmudgeon. Half man, half nicotine and whiskey. You’re right, I do look exactly like your buddy Josh.

  1. The Newports
    Record Review
    Record Review

    The Newports – That’s Fine

    Not just a minty cigarette or a city in Orange County anymore!

  2. Show Review
    Show Review

    Brendan Kelly, MakeWar, & Good Friend in Chicago, IL

    Quick! Set yourself on fire and drink this 100 proof alcohol!

  3. Mean Jeans
    Show Review
    Show Review

    Fest: Day 3 in Gainesville, FL

    I screamed "I'm not fucking dead!" It was the first outright lie I told all weekend.

  4. Show Review
    Show Review

    Fest 16: Day 2 in Gainesville, FL

    Oh no, anything but delicious Flaco's!

  5. Show Review
    Show Review

    Fest 16: Day 1 in Gainesville, FL

    Tony Shrum and I also spent some time threatening each other with a make out session in Wyndham pool later.

  6. Show Review
    Show Review

    Big Pre-Fest in Little Ybor: Day 2 – Ybor, FL

    I saw no bands. I have no idea what I did. Just three hours gone forever.

  7. Show Review
    Show Review

    Big Pre-Fest in Little Ybor: Day 1 – Ybor, FL

    My experiment in on-the-go alcoholism was a success!

  8. Feature

    Fest Preview: Kevin-Eleven

    Kevin Rettie here to tell you about the Kirkland brand bands of Fest

  9. Show Review
    Show Review

    PEARS, Big Ups, Such Gold, Russian Girlfriends, & Bad Mechanics in Chicago, IL

    "Don't be upset you didn't know that was from Kindergarten Cop..."

  10. Show Review
    Show Review

    Night Birds, The Repos, & Tarantula in Chicago, IL

    I don't know but today seems kinda odd, no barking from the dogs, no smog, and momma cooked a breakfast with no hog.

  11. Show Review
    Show Review

    Stiff Little Fingers & Death By Unga Bunga in Chicago, IL

    Welcome to Chicago: Please enjoy some Jameson and this old Irish punk band turning 40...

  12. Against Me
    Show Review
    Show Review

    Against Me, Bleached, & The Dirty Nil in Chicago, IL

    Mop guy for president!

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