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OR Releases Three Songs from Upcoming Full-Length LP

Frank Hryniewicz (Sidekick Kato, Damp Hay), Erik Bocek (Ghosts And Vodka, American Heritage) and Matt Precin (American Draft) came together to form the Instrumental Math Rock band OR back in 2019. Later that year, they recorded a debut full-length with Andy Nelson at Bricktop Recording and intending to release an LP shortly thereafter. Unfortunately, the record was put on hold due to the pandemic. Now, with a hopeful return to normalcy in the near future, OR’s full-length album, Pariah, is slated to be available this Fall via Dog & Pony Records.

Eager to share some of the fruits of their labor, the band will be releasing three songs from Pariah in the form of a digital EP that is out today (Bandcamp Friday) for download on Bandcamp and streaming via Apple, Spotify, YouTube.

Stream the new tracks below via Bandcamp, make sure you give a little (or a lot) since in return since 100% of your donation goes directly to the band, and check back soon for more from OR!

  1. Show Review
    Show Review

    American Draft, The Burst and Bloom, & Boss Fight in Chicago, IL

    When Baderbrau gives you Art, Brews, and Punk Rock...You take it to the very last drop.

  2. Show Review
    Show Review

    Pegboy, The Bollweevils, Butchered, The Brokedowns, Drilling For Blasting, Vacation Bible School, & Little Dave Merriman in Chicago, IL

    ...and more importantly, they loved to drink Budweiser.

  3. PEARS
    Show Review
    Show Review

    PEARS, Still Alive, The Eradicator, & Salvation in Chicago, IL

  4. Sidekick Kato
    Show Review
    Show Review

    Sidekick Kato, Apocalypse Hoboken, Haymarket Riot, & OR in Chicago, IL

    I'm going around in circles at this point, let's see if I can get myself out of this...

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