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Brian Santostefano

Brian Santostefano

Chicago, ILunited_states

Photographer. Musician. Self proclaimed Pizza Hot Shot. I can’t buy nice things because of my guilty pleasure record addiction.

  1. Show Review
    Show Review

    Basement, Nothing, & Gouge Away in Chicago, IL

    Seriously, Every band on this bill could be a headliner!

  2. Show Review
    Show Review

    Vans Presents Industrial Accident: The Story of Wax Trax Records! featuring Ministry and Cold Cave in Chicago, IL

    ICYMI: Wax Trax! Records and House of Vans partnered up on RSD

  3. YOB
    Show Review
    Show Review

    YOB, Voivod, & Amenra in Chicago, IL

  4. Show Review
    Show Review

    Ovef Ow, Bleach Party, & Baby Money & the Down Payments in Chicago, IL

    Ovef Ow releases a new EP to keep Chicago hot during the Midwest Arctic blast!

  5. Feature

    Best of 2018: Brian’s Top List of Everything Under the Sun in 2018

    I listened to so much angry shit in 2018

  6. Show Review
    Show Review

    Leftover Crack, Negative Approach, Crazy & the Brains, Still Alive in Chicago, IL

    From all the way in the back of the food stamp line and straight on the floor of the Metro: it's the good, the bad, and a chance to catch up with an old favorite.

  7. Show Review
    Show Review

    Gorilla Biscuits, Modern Life is War, & True Love in Chicago, IL.

  8. Show Review
    Show Review

    Night Birds, Canadian Rifle, Retirement Club, & Compressions in Chicago, IL

    "That doesn't smell like your fart"

  9. Show Review
    Show Review

    Nothing, Culture Abuse, & Smut in Chicago, IL

    Nothing & Culture Abuse on Hump Day!

  10. Dead To Fall
    Show Review
    Show Review

    Dead To Fall, Thieves, The Ox King, Something Is Waiting, & Sarin in Chicago, IL

    Major Rager at the Snake Bar!

  11. Show Review
    Show Review

    Silent Planet, My Epic, Comrades, & TanZen in Chicago, IL

    So much face melting prog-metal for a Thursday night

  12. Premiere

    Pink Guys Announces New Album, Premieres “Armageddon”

    Pink Guys from Pink Eyes deliver Pink Noise

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