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The Shell Corporation Releases Music Video Of The Year

This is not the time for Kumbaya

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We’ve never hidden the fact that we love guys in the band The Shell Corporation and that we’re enamored with their new album, Fucked (La Escalera Records and Gunner Records). But all of this just inched a little closer to our hearts with the release of their newest video, for their song “Kumbaya.” It really does have it all – urine, incest, nipple claps, and so much more.

The band released the following statement about the new video:

“Yes. The tape is real and we, The Shell Corporation, as patriotic Americans, feel it is our civic doodie to leak it. How we came to have this in our possession is no ones concern. Just sit back and let us shower you with our golden revelations.”

Godammit, we love these guys. Watch the video for “Kumbaya” below!

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