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Off With Their Heads, Iron Chic, toyGuitar, & Spells in San Francisco, CA

A packed and stacked show

I got to Thee Parkside early and found that the show was sold out. The line of people quickly disappeared when the doors opened and the door person stated that they were only going to be able to sell five additional tickets unless some of the pre-sales didn’t show. I felt lucky.

Thee Parkside is not a very big venue, but we all squished in. There was barely any room after SPELLS finished playing and it was a shame that some people missed them. They brought an energetic and vibrant performance, stating to never do anything more than 80%. If that was them at 80%, I don’t even want to know how much rock they would bring at 100! I might explode from too much awesome. During their set, one person in the crowd got pretty rowdy and was going out of their way to push people that didn’t want to get pushed. The singer gracefully handled the situation, pointing out they were the only person up front and having fun, because everyone was trying to get away from them. Good on you, Spells. Thanks for looking out.

toyGuitar set up while I was taking a breather outside. I have never been unimpressed by this band and this time was no exception. By this time, the crowd was pretty thick and I was lucky to get as close to the stage as I did. toyGuitar is nothing less than a super group, full of some of the best musicians around the Bay Area. You don’t want to miss them and if you haven’t seen them already, you really should.

Finally, the band I had been waiting for all night took the stage. Before tonight, I had only seen Iron Chic play one other time, but I was hooked after the first song. I am always listening to their music. I would say that I am pretty biased, as they are one of my favorite bands. There’s not much I can say that wouldn’t be just me praising how amazing they are. And tonight, they blew me away again. I was in good company because everyone in the crowd was also screaming every single word along with the band. Iron Chic played every song I wanted to hear as well as some of the tracks off their new album, You Can’t Stay Here which came out this October on Side One Dummy Records.

Never having seen Off With Their Heads, I was pretty excited to finally watch this band in action.  They closed out the night smashing through all their songs with a wild crowd of devoted fans. At some point, the singer dove into the crowd and was returned to the stage on his back. He finished up the song while lying down on the stage. Later, he stated that he was tired of playing his guitar and took the mic, only to dive into the enthusiastic crowd again.

Check out the gallery of photos from the show below!

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