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The Eradicator, Oscar Bait, The Bloody Lips, & Brain Vacation in Chicago, IL


Fest 16

On Tuesday, May 30th, The Bloody Lips played their last show of a week and a half long tour in Chicago. The four piece started out in their hometown of Grand Rapids, MI, drove 1500 miles to Albuquerque, NM while playing shows all the way, turned around, and played their way back to the Midwest. The final show of the tour was graced with local Chicago openers Brain Vacation, Oscar Bait, & The Eradicator

As some of you may know, two of the members of the The Bloody Lips used to be in the now disbanded Red Scare band The Lippies. But don’t think that one band picks up where the other left off. While I loved The Lippies for their short lived time in the limelight, The Bloody Lips’s music scratches an itch in a different area, with a different hand, possibly on a completely different person. Their live show is also energetic, loud, and fun. And they’re amazing people to boot.

Check out the below photos from the show!

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