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Question The Answers Podcast: Episode #33 – Matt Kadi

Matt Kadi is a rhythm section unto himself!

Matt Kadi is many things – a drummer, a bassist, a photographer. Since he was a teenager, he has been an active member of the Punk scene, from his start playing drums in Monster Squad all the way through playing bass in his newest band Holehog. Along the way, he has also been a member of bands like Great Apes (Asian Man Records), Build Us Airplanes (Sell The Heart Records), Anne Ramsey, Know Secrets, and more, taking him all around the world in the process.

As a photographer, he has taken an active role in documenting the scene, which as we discuss in the episode, is such a vital and inspiring job to take on. Taking inspiration from the likes of Murray Bowles, Matt Kadi is rarely without his camera when he attends a live show, and he has taken his passion and turned it into a way to not only express himself artistically, but to supplement his income as well. He has collaborated with the likes of the legendary Winston Smith, which we chat about during the episode

We spend some time discussing his time in the bands he’s played, and go over some of the inspiration that led him to becoming a photographer. He tells me about the time he was in a VERY popular music video for a HUGE rock band, and of course we go over some bands he thinks you should have on your radar, and his Desert Island albums.

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Question The Answers Podcast is hosted by Andy Pohl, who is the founder of Sell The Heart Records and the guitar player for Tsunami Bomb. Every week we will be presenting a brand new episode featuring an individual that has made a contribution to the independent music scene in some way. Check back here on Wednesdays for a premiere of each episode, and you’ll also be able to find us on Spotify, Apple Music, Stitcher and other audio podcast streaming services in the days following the initial premiere.

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