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Question The Answers Podcast: Episode #5 – Shaun Osburn of Middle-Aged Queers

Shaun Osburn will letterpress anything you want... no really, he will!

Shaun Osburn has been an active member of the East Bay Punk scene since he was a teenager. As a young punk, he cut his teeth in the wacky Ska outfit Wet-Nap, and years later joined the Lookout Records roster while playing bass in the Skramz band The Cost. He spent many years volunteering at 924 Gilman as a show coordinator, booking countless shows and helping with running the day-to-day tasks. Fast-forward many years later, he is now the lead singer of queercore band Middle-Aged Queers, who released their debut album in March of this year via Sell The Heart Records and their own label, Outpunx Records.

Andy has had the pleasure of knowing Shaun for many years, playing shows with his bands over the years, and now working with his band on Sell The Heart Records. During this episode, we talk about the current state of queercore and how the LGBTQ community within Punk is taking the reins within the Punk scene in many ways. He recounts the journey of how Middle-Aged Queers came to be and how sometimes the most obvious band names are the best. We dive into some of the in-and-outs of volunteering at 924 Gilman St., and as always, we go over some of his favorite bands and he shares his Top 5 Desert Island albums.

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Question The Answers Podcast is hosted by Andy Pohl, who is the founder of Sell The Heart Records and the guitar player for Tsunami Bomb. Every week we will be presenting a brand new episode featuring an individual that has made a contribution to the independent music scene in some way. Check back here on Wednesdays for a premiere of each episode, and you’ll also be able to find us on Spotify, Apple Music, and other audio podcast streaming services in the days following the initial premiere.

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