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Culture Abuse, Tony Molina Band, Young Guv, Dare, & Buggin Out in Chicago, IL

"Friday night's alright for stage diving."

You wanna know whats a great way to blow off steam from a mentally draining week? Going to a Culture Abuse show! I shit you not! You’ll feel light years better about everything. I had my fix on June 28th at the Subterranean in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood.  For five bands, this was a really stacked line up.

Opening the show Buggin Out. They are a newer hybrid to Chicago Hardcore. I checked out their demo prior to the show and it slams pretty hard but their live set easily blows the pants off of that demo. They put on a very energetic show. I am interested in seeing where this band goes. Check ’em out if you can.

Following was Orange County Straight Edge Youth Crew, Dare. I saw these guys when they last came through Chicago on tour with Ingrown. These guys bring a fucking insane pit to life every time. Check ’em out at 2018’s Sound and Fury Fest when that shit went viral. They put on a great live show as expected with heavy mosh parts and stage dives every ten seconds. There were even a few surprise appearances by flying mic stands as well. It was fucking nuts!

The night took an abrupt turn with Young Guv. This is the brain child project from Ben Cook of Fucked Up & No Warning. This project has a strong influence of Melodic Rock and Jangle Pop. It’s very catchy and pretty sounding. I strongly recommend it to anyone that appreciates traditional Pop Rock, Post Punk and sharp dressed men.

Tony Molina Band followed. These guys are a power house with guitar riffage. They have amazing melodies and hooks. I mean these songs are over before you know it but that’s punk as fuck. Don’t bore us, get to the chorus… and that’s exactly what they deliver. It’s straight to the point with no bullshit. They pulled off an amazing cover of “Left of the Dial” by The Replacements. I’d love to catch these guys again.

Closing off the night was the moment everyone was waiting for, Culture Abuse. They opened up their set with “Dream On,” and bodies began launching all over the place. I had to do a significant amount of dodging while taking photos but it was all in good fun. Every time this band plays it feels like a house party show. Good vibes all over the place. It validates why I still support this music and this scene.

They played an equal variety of songs from both Peach and Bay Dream. They even played their latest single “Goo”and closed off the evening with what I believe I witnessed was the most stage diving for “Turn It Off.” It was a sweaty fucking show but well worth every minute of it. I went home feeling like a million bucks that night.

Check out the photo gallery of the show below and check back for more insight on storming the gates of Area 51.

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