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Best of 2018: Brian’s Top List of Everything Under the Sun in 2018

I listened to so much angry shit in 2018

First off, I am not going through a dissertation on how fucking awesome blah blah blah was on this record or how this is a huge impact on my life and you should do yourself a favor and listen to it because it will give you super human strength and the ability to make the perfect tacos. It’s Music. We all love it and really hate some of it.  I’d rather just keep it straight forward so here it goes…

15 of my favorite moments I photographed in 2018:

Dead to Fall at Cobra Lounge in Chicago, IL.


Gorilla Biscuits at the Metro in Chicago, IL.


Cold Cave at Thalia Hall in Chicago, IL.


Night Birds Promo Shoot in Chicago, IL.


Modern Life is War at the Metro in Chicago, IL.


The Casket Lottery at the Beat Kitchen in Chicago, IL.


The Adolescents at Riot Fest in Chicago, IL.


Beck at Riot Fest in Chicago, IL.


The Craps at a House Party in Chicago, IL.


Burdened at La Bodega in Chicago, IL.


War//Plague at S’not Fest at the Knuckle Down Saloon in Madison, WI.


Ministry at the Riviera Theatre in Chicago, IL.


Negative Approach playing on the floor of  the Metro in Chicago, IL.


Ingrown at Galaxie 2.0 in Chicago, IL.


Bad Sons performing as the Ramones at East Room in Chicago, IL.

15  Albums that did not suck in the slightest:

  1. NothingDance on the Blacktop (Relapse)
  2. LetteringS/T (Cold Slither Tapes)
  3. American NightmareS/T (Rise Records)
  4. Canadian RiflePeaceful Death (Dead Broke Rekerds)
  5. Cult LeaderA Patient Man (Deathwish Inc)
  6. War//PlagueInto the Depths (Organize And Arise)
  7. Culture AbuseBay Dream (Epitaph)
  8. Blood PressureSurrounded (Beach Impediment Records)
  9. Night BirdsRoll Credits (Fat Wreck Chords)
  10. Hot SnakesJericho Sirens (Sub Pop)
  11. Beach House7 (Sub Pop)
  12. Slow MassOn Watch (Landland Colportage)
  13. KodakromeS/T (Self-Released)
  14. Creep StarePain Game (Youth Attack)
  15. Mammoth GrinderCosmic Crypt (Relapse)

3 Compilations / Reissues that are solid:

  1. Spiritual CrampTelevision (Deranged Records)
  2. Seven Days of Samsara1998-2018 (Self Released)
  3. Poison IdeaFeel the Darkness (TKO)

5 EPs that hit the spot for me:

  1. TragedyFury (Tragedy Records)
  2. Modern Life is WarTribulation Worksongs Vol. 1 (Deathwish Inc)
  3. Cold CaveYou & Me & Infinity (Heartworm Press)
  4. Ex YouthOakland Intervention (Jawk)
  5. Sex Prisoner / Harm DoneSplit (To Live a Lie Records)

5 Songs that are on constant repeat:

  1. Baptists – “Beacon of Faith” (Southern Lord)
  2. Ex Youth – “Mute” (Jawk)
  3. Beach House – “Pay No Mind” (Sub Pop)
  4. War//Plague – “Bloodshot Eyes” (Organize And Arise)
  5. Nothing – “The Carpenter’s Son” (Relapse)

5 Newer Artists that I discovered this year:

  1. Spiritual Cramp
  2. Ingrown
  3. Hive
  4. Pacemaker
  5. War//Plague

3 Anticipated releases for 2019:

  1. Ovef Ow
  2. Ministry (Rumor has it Paul Barker is potentially coming back in the mix, Fuck Yeah!!!)
  3. The Cure

5 Foods that didn’t kill me:

  1. Reuben – Verti Marte – New Orleans, NV
  2. Hewhocorrupts – Kuma’s – Chicago, IL
  3. Carmelo Anthony Tacolato – Parlor Pizza Bar – Chicago, IL
  4. Buffalo Chicken Wrap – O’Donovan’s – Chicago, IL
  5. Pizza – Everywhere – World Wide

6 Photographers that made 2018 more visually exciting:

  1. Reid Haithcock – Boston, MA
  2. Matt Gabell – London
  3. Rick Beaulieu – Toronto, Canada
  4. Adam DeGross – Minneapolis, MN
  5. Andy Wilcox – Minneapolis, MN
  6. Dan Patrick – Chicago, IL

5 Biggest Moments for me of 2018:

  1. Getting married to my best friend.
  2. Changing my career path.
  3. Getting published in an International Publication.
  4. Released a Cassette Tape with my band Coronary.
  5. Adopted a rescue from Chicago Animal Control and Care.

Meet the love and joy of my 2018, Rocco!

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