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Dollar Signs
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Dollar Signs, Otto Mann, & Nora Marks in Chicago, IL

I'm a punk on the weekend, okay! Drunk and rebellious for two days.

Photo: Kendra Sheetz

“I can’t go out tonight. I’m too tired,” I thought as time ticked closer to a show I had been looking forward to for over a month. Part of the reason I was so exhausted was because the out-of-town band that was playing that night, Charlotte’s Dollar Signs, had come in the day prior and we stayed out until 5AM.

My day had been a blur of work and naps and my anxiety levels were starting to peak. Normally, I wouldn’t leave the house. But when the band that you were planning on seeing all has social anxiety too and sings about it, their shows have a cathartic way about them. So I hopped into Kevin’s car, almost sitting on a warm container of Ranch dressing, and we headed to Wicker Park to downstairs at Subterranean to meet up with Mat.

Local bands Nora Marks and Otto Mann opened the show. The drinks were flowing and everyone (at least Kevin, Mat, and I) were elated that the show was slated to be over by 10:30PM. It was epic, entertaining, and also ended before midnight. The perfect show!

Check out the photos from the night below!

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  • Albert Strawn says:

    Dollar Signs are soooo great!!!
    ALWAYS a fun show!

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