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Street Dogs
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Street Dogs, The New Dark Buster, The Barstool Preachers, & The Bad Ups in Philadelphia, PA

Celebrating Father's Day the only way we know how!

Photo: Anni Kellam

On Sunday, June 19th, I drug my over-tired butt out to The Foundry in Philadelphia to catch a show. It was Father’s Day, so the crowd wasn’t as large as I was expecting seeing as how it was a Street Dogs show, but hey! That just meant less of a line for the bar and bathroom.

Opening up the night was local band, The Bad Ups, who were fast, bouncy, and had just a dash of ska flavouring. Following them were the UK’s own The Bar Stool Preachers, who were just a goddamned treat. How can you not enjoy a set where the band convinced everyone in the venue to squat on the floor and then jump up “to party”?

A re-tooled lineup of Darkbuster, The New Darkbuster, was the third band of the evening and continued to get the crowd riled up. Street Dogs finished out the evening, playing a mix of both new and old. McColgan and crew, as always, played a great show.

Check out the gallery below for shots of the entire evening:


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