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Question The Answers Podcast: Episode #26 – Ricky Schmidt

Ricky Schmidt, not unlike Shia Labeouf, wants you to "Just Do It!!".... so, do it!

Ricky Schmidt has been a busy man. On top of being a member of the bands Western Settings and Hey, Chels!, he has officially entered the world of solo artist with a new album, Palm Trees, that was released in 2020. The album is certainly much different than the aforementioned bands, blending a bit more Garage-Pop, Surf, and Noise elements into the fold.

As is discussed in our episode, Ricky found this to not only be a way to use his newly found extra time to its fullest, but also gave him an opportunity to really flex his artistic muscles a bit and explore new ground. Ricky moved around a lot growing up, but settled in San Diego, and has lived and worked there for many years now. A staple in the local music scene, he is a staunch champion of his peers, and during this episode gives shout outs to many of them along the way.

During this episode we talk a bit about his inspiration for the new album, his favorite spots to snag a burrito in San Diego, and he shares his 5 desert island albums (as is per usual).  Additionally, there are videos from each of his projects after the interview, so stick around for those.

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Question The Answers Podcast is hosted by Andy Pohl, who is the founder of Sell The Heart Records and the guitar player for Tsunami Bomb. Every week we will be presenting a brand new episode featuring an individual that has made a contribution to the independent music scene in some way. Check back here on Wednesdays for a premiere of each episode, and you’ll also be able to find us on Spotify, Apple Music, Stitcher and other audio podcast streaming services in the days following the initial premiere.

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