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First Time Fest Band Exclusive: Middle-Aged Queers

It’s almost that time of year again, where thousands upon thousands of black t-shirt and jorts wearing music fans will descend upon Gainesville, FL in hopes of seeing their favorite bands and drinking just enough to not remember seeing anything all. While there are hundreds of well-known names on the Fest schedule this year, we wanted to showcase a handful of the bands who are heading down to Florida and playing for the very first time. So keep reading, check out all the bands in this series, and get to know some really great under the radar talent!

Next on the roster is Bay Area band Middle-Aged Queers. The band seemingly came out of nowhere and then, suddenly, was everywhere. They released an EP on Sell the Heart and recently announced their signing to Say-10 Records. Make sure to check them out on Sunday, October 30th at The Backyard at Boca Fiesta/Palomino at 3:20PM.

Stream Too F*g For Love below out now on Sell the Heart Records!

You can also stream a few songs off the band’s upcoming release, Shout At The Hetero, out this Halloween via Say-10 Records!

Kendra Sheetz

How long has Middle-Aged Queers been a band?

A little over three years. We came roaring out of the gates, played some shows, recorded an album, and booked a tour for the spring of 2020, but then the pandemic stopped us dead in our tracks.

Kendra Sheetz

Have you attended Fest before?

Never! I’d always look at the festival lineups and think, “That would be fun. I should go!” Then I’d never make it.

Kendra Sheetz

What are you stoked for during Fest weekend?

Super excited to hang with all the Sell the Heart Records bands. Andy has done an incredible job creating a roster of outstanding artists. We’re excited to represent! And now that we’ve recently joined Say-10 Records, I’m pretty stoked to check out our new labelmates as well.

Kendra Sheetz

What’s your best Fest story?

I don’t have a Fest story, but I do have a Gainesville story:

I once played in a band called The Cost. We were on Lookout Records, nobody remembers us, and I like to think we were the reason the label went under. But I digress. We were on tour with The Ghost, and I was blackout drunk by the time we made it to Florida. So much so that I don’t remember any of Florida. But apparently, I crashed a party, took off all my clothes, and when The Ghost and the rest of The Cost found me, I was outside the party shooting roman candles out of my ass into the street. I may not remember actually being in Gainesville, but any town that would let a drunk 20-something me show up, get naked, drink their booze, and shoot fireworks out of my ass is a great town in my books.

Kendra Sheetz

Let’s say you’re booking the lineup of a festival that represents you as a band. What would the top 5 headliners be?

Pansy Division (obviously)

Tribe 8 (reunion!)


The Dicks

Laura Jane Grace playing an acoustic Operation Ivy tribute set but with lyrics altered to trans-femme content

Kendra Sheetz

What does the band have coming up? What can we all look forward to from ya’ll?

Our “new” album is coming out this month! I use quotes around “new” because we recorded it 18 months ago, but it’s taken forever to get the vinyl back. We will release it streaming and on CD now while we (im)patiently await the vinyl records.

Additionally, we have started work on the third album. We’ll continue to be on various tribute albums, benefit compilations, and splits while that is underway. We might release an EP between now and the third album.

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