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The Bollweevils

The Bollweevils Talk Tequila, Pancakes, PRB, and More!

Punk Rock Bowling is almost here and we wanted to do something to help celebrate one of the biggest parties in Vegas. So we fired off a lightening interview round with a number of bands who are playing this year’s famous desert festival.

We talked with Daryl Wilson from Chicago’s The Bollweevils about all things Vegas. The Midwestern four-piece will be playing a club show at Bridger Stage on Friday the 24th along with Pennywise, Sick of It All, JFA, Drug Church, and Noogy.

In case you have been deep in hiding for the last six or so months: Punk Rock Bowling begins on Thursday, May 23rd with club shows and the main stage events begin on Saturday, the 25th. The party will continue all through the weekend into Monday, May 27th. Three days passes and single day passes are still on sale now! And a number of the club shows still have tickets available but limited, so grab your pass today!

Kendra Sheetz

Have you played PRB before?

The Bollweevils

Yeah…we kind of played PRB in 2015. We played an unofficial after show with The Nobodys and Guilty by Association at The Fremont Country Club.

2019 will be our first time playing an official after show and we are excited beyond words!

Kendra Sheetz

What is the #1 thing you MUST do every time you’re in Vegas?

The Bollweevils
The first thing I must do when in Vegas is to Pace the Race. You come out of the blocks too strong and you end up yelling at some elderly woman at a pancake house while drinking tequila, claiming you are the King of Vegas.
Kendra Sheetz

What bands are you most excited to see or play alongside on this year’s lineup?

The Bollweevils

This year I am excited to play with Pennywise, Sick of it All, JFA, Drug Church, Noogy. This show is a bucket list show.

Can’t wait to see Rancid. Love those guys and have fond memories of playing with them back in the day. They always put on a great show. The Damned and Flag are also gonna be a joy to see.

Wish I was staying longer to catch The Drowns and one of my favorite bands of all time The Descendents. Hell I am going to miss Fucked Up as well as The Specials. Next year gonna need to stay for all of PRB!

Kendra Sheetz

What’s the grossest item to eat from a Vegas buffet?

The Bollweevils
Gross item from a buffet? I got really sick eating pancakes once. I see a pattern evolving. It may have been the tequila, but I am sticking with the pancakes.
The true gross thing to eat off a buffet in Vegas is slightly chilled raw shrimp. That is a set up for a really bad time.
Kendra Sheetz

What’s your ‘go to’ gambling game?

The Bollweevils

My go to gambling game, Slots. Easy come easy go. No effort playing slots. My other job requires lots of thinking and effort so I just want mindless gaming when I play.

Kendra Sheetz

If your band had a bowling team, what would the team name be?

The Bollweevils

If my band had a bowling team it’s name would be Da’ Fucks Wrong Wit Youse.

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