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Off With Their Heads – Be Good

The wait has been worth it.

Be Good

August 16, 2019
Epitaph Records

Has it really been six years since OWTH put out a studio album?? There was that acoustic record that came out a couple two-tree years ago, but I’m not counting that. Yes! My calculations are correct! Indeed, it’s been six fucking years! Over half a decade!

The wait has been worth it. Holy fucking god damn. This record is a motherfucking beast. Go buy it. Or listen to it on Spotify or whatever. I’m gonna go ahead and say this is the best since Hospitals. It’s waaaay different, though. I don’t know. Maybe my perception of quality is altered due to all the edibles I ate over the weekend while listening to this monster record on repeat… but I don’t think so. I think this record really has that much weight!

Okay… on to the well-crafted “review.” Honestly, I think the above sentiment should be enough. But if you’re some kinda fucking nerd, feel free to read on.

Here I go. Ahem…

Off With Their Heads returns with the long-awaited studio album, Be Good

Ah, fuck it. I don’t feel like being a “reviewer” at the moment. I could talk all about how much I think their sound has expanded and matured since the last thing they put out (it has). And I could talk all about how much I think this lineup kicks so much ass (it does). And I could talk all about the ongoing “story” of OWTH and speculate on how the tumultuous, heartbreaking bullshit they’ve been through over the last six years likely helped shape this record (it’s a HEAVY fucking record in both topic and sound). But I just don’t feel like getting all crafty about this review, ya know?

Just know that it’s not a same-old same-old OWTH record (which would also be plenty rewarding). It’s more “experimental”… or something. Have you seen that video for No Love? Yeah, it’s pretty funny, but have you listened to the song? That shit is straight from the pits of despair. And that fucking vocal pattern in the bridge??? You know… “don’t think I’m so naive, etc.” That shit is ethereal as fuck, dog!

So here’s my recommendation after swimming in this record all weekend:

1). Eat a bunch of edibles and play this bastard from front to back whilst reading the lyrics (muy importante, amigo).

2). Pick out the handful of songs that strike a chord and dive into those even deeper.

3). Repeat.

Below are my top jams. Your top jams may be different. Maybe next week my top jams will be different!

“Be Good” – The title track. MAN, that’s a banger! Makes ya wanna just tear down the fucking world. Or lift it up? Whatever you’re into. That whole screaming part is gonna be SO bad-ass live. Can’t wait to see it!

“You Will Die” – This one’s got that classic OWTH pirate-ship-gallop sound they do. Does that make sense to anyone but me? Whatever. The lyrics are fucking sick and the chorus is both inspirational and a big ol’ relief for the habitually depressed. The lyrics remind me of that Mother Theresa “Anyway” poem. That’s right, I just compared Ryan Young to Mother Theresa.

“No Love” – I already talked about this one. Fucking rad.

“Tear Me Apart” – YES! Classic, back-to-basics OWTH. This one reminds me (lyrically) of Tom Petty’s “Breakdown.” Who likes fun, upbeat songs about seething arguments? This guy.

“Locking Eyes” – OOOOOOOOOOOOF! That’s all I gotta say. This one hurts. And the music in the outro is so fucking good it’s just stupid.

And there you have it. My “review.” I expect a full report of your own in my inbox, post haste!

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