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Heartsounds, Iron Chic, & Propagandhi in Philadelphia, PA

... all I wanted was for Propagandhi to take the stage

Photo: Anni Kellam
Fest 16

This past Wednesday, October 18th, our favourite Canadians came into town to play a show. That’s right! Propagandhi came through Union Transfer and brought Heartsounds (Oakland) and Iron Chic (Long Island) along for the ride.

Both opening bands are awesome, and though they had fantastic sets, all I wanted was for Propagandhi to take the stage. Ever since I stole How to Clean Everything from an old roommate back in 1990-something I’ve been itching to see them live. (Also, that old roommate totally deserved to have that CD stolen away.)

They opened their set with “Failed Imagineer” and closed with “Adventures in Zoochosis”. Typically I don’t stick around for the full encore, because I’m old, cranky, and don’t want to wait even longer to call an Uber because everyone else is doing the same. But I mean, c’mon. It’s Propagandhi! This time I had to stay for the full show. And I’m glad I did, since they closed out the night with “Anti-Manifesto”.

Check out the full setlist below and take a gander at the photos.

Full Setlist:
Failed Imagineer
Dear Coach’s Corner
A Speculative Fiction
Cop Just Out of Frame
When All Your Fears Collide
Note to Self
Back to the Motor League
Fuck the Border
Lower Order (A Good Laugh)
…And We Thought That Nation-States Were a Bad Idea
Without Love
Purina Hall of Fame
Adventures in Zoochosis

Victory Lap
Night Letters
Apparently, I’m a P.C. Fascist (Because I Care About Both Human and Non-Human Animals)


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