Bad Copy

Joyce Manor
Show Review

Joyce Manor, Vundabar, & Big Eyes in Chicago, IL

Photo: Mat Stokes

Back in September, I was rather unceremoniously let go from a job I didn’t particularly like, but still managed to feel pretty shitty about. Pile that on top of a perfect storm of impending cold along with reckless self-doubt and you get a huge damper in productivity. I was still going to shows, but I kept feeling less good about it as time went on. Lately, I’ve been feeling much better. Good enough to at least go back and get these fucking months old reviews up.

This Joyce Manor show from back in October was the last one I took notes for, so the reviews that follow will be much more succinct. Rather than translate┬ámy gibberish, I’ll just share what I wrote down in my phone as the night went on:

Big Eyes
This band fucks hard
Alice Cooper – I wanna get connected
Bassist hot dog suit – washed???
Their one at a time on stage intro gave away how good they were about to be
Kids these days know what’s up
Rock n roll
Damone! That’s who they remind me of.
I am very much enjoying their dirty, East Coast sleaze rock

I’m pretty sure that bathroom is a place where people get murdered

Not the Living End album
Not unlike The Matches
Goofy as fuck
Tempo changes galore
Another bad ass three piece
Drummer is killing it
I’m glad the kids know who they are because I have never heard of this band before
“Don’t vomit tonight Chicago, do it all day tomorrow”
Mean people don’t go to Joyce Manor shows since they banned stage diving
Best rendition of “Freebird” I’ve ever heard, they’re just making bird noises into the mic
Primus meets The Hives meets The Strokes meets Jukebox the Ghost – it’s weird but it works
Stop chanting for “Africa”

Went to bathroom again and didn’t get murdered. Calling that a win.

Joyce Manor
Oh that feedback…
These kids are breaking all the Joyce Manor rules
I still cant believe they have enough material to fill an hour
I get why kids are super excited about this band and I think they set a great standard for rock n roll in 2018
Needed at least 1 cover for filler, Video Killed the Radio Star
Everyone is having so much fun!
It’s been a while since I’ve stayed for the whole show and not tried to beat the rush for the train

Three bands, starts at 7 and home by 11, fuck fucking yeah
Best show in a while

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