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Pegboy, The Bollweevils, Airstream Futures, & Breakmouth Annie in Chicago, IL

Yes, of course I went to Liar's Club after the show.

Photo: Patrick Houdek
Fest 16

I hate writing show reviews. I don’t think anyone even reads any of my show reviews, I think everyone goes straight to the photos. Maybe not everyone; I’m pretty sure that Kris from The Brokedowns actually reads my reviews. He’s not trying to find out what I thought of the bands or anything. He knows that I rarely mention the show that I’m reviewing and just wants to see what I’m going to write about instead.

Kris, if you’re reading this, can you send me a copy of the new Brokedowns record? I’d love to hear it. You guys are one of the few bands that I will listen to new releases from these days. You know what I listened to today? Of course you don’t, but I’ll tell you. I listened to The Weirdos, The Simpletones, Void, Black Flag… and The Brokedowns! I can even review it when it comes out but I won’t write about the record in the review. I’m sure I’ll just write about it in a show review like this one you’re reading right now about Pegboy, The Bollweevils, Airstream Futures, and Breakmouth Annie at Chop Shop in Chicago that happened on November 22, 2017. If you’re really interested in what happened at that show you probably should have gone to it instead of thinking I was going to say anything more than the bands played a bunch of songs and that I went to Liar’s Club afterwards.

Now look at the photos below and make up your own story about what happened.

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