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Pegboy, Report Suspicious Activity, Canadian Rifle, & The Mons in Chicago, IL

It will probably never happen but I'm going to request "Borstal Breakout" or "Hurry Up Harry" just in case.

Photo: Patrick Houdek

Editor’s Note: If this review doesn’t make sense please refer to this previous review to be even more confused.

I’d like to thank Kris from The Brokedowns for reading my last Pegboy review and understanding my need to hear the new (still unreleased) Brokedowns record. Was I expecting much from this record? Hell yes I was, I was expecting brilliance and brilliance is what I received. I have no idea what any of the songs are called as I all I got was one large .WAV file that I quickly threw on the Plex server, hit play and turned up the volume… not really, I just burned a copy to CD and listened to it. Yes, a CD. I’m old. In fact I’m writing this an hour and a half before I turn 47 years old. Some cop on Facebook named Paul Silver claims I’m “a kid’ because he’s 58 years old. Look buddy, we’re both old.

Jesus Christ, I’ve been listening to this punk rock shit for more than two-thirds of my life! What the hell am I doing? Some of you (out of the five people who will read this) might remember when most people hated punk rock and people that were into punk rock thought those other people were just closed minded. I think most of us are closed minded about music, and why not, it’s just entertainment, who fucking cares? I hate most music; if it’s not punk rock or AC/DC I’m not listening to it. Of course I’m exaggerating but I really don’t listen to much else. I don’t necessarily think that other music sucks, I just don’t have the patience to listen to a bunch of stuff hoping to find something I’ll like when I can just throw on Sham 69 “That’s Life” and be done with it. In fact, that’s what I’m doing right now. A few minutes ago I was listening to the aforementioned new Brokedowns record (which I don’t even know the title of or when it’s going to be released on Red Scare) but now I’ve switched over to Sham 69 (if you’ve read some of my reviews before I’m sure you’re not surprised that this has somehow turned into me listening to Sham 69). You know what would be really great? The Brokedowns doing a Sham 69 cover! It will probably never happen but I’m going to request “Borstal Breakout” or “Hurry Up Harry” just in case.

I’d be surprised if you read this far but if you have just keep scrolling to see the photos from March 3, 2018 when Pegboy, Report Suspicious Activity, Canadian Rifle and The Mons played at Chop Shop in Chicago because I’m not going to write anything about it.

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