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LoveSong of the Month “The Gravedigger / El Sepulturero”

An SNFU cover by SNFU fans for a post-SNFU world.

Hello friends, friends of friends, and errant passersby!

Welcome to this, my new monthly column here at Bad Copy. My name is Craigums and I played in lots of bands with unfortunate names. Most are impossible to Google (What Happens Next?, Your Mother, All You Can Eat), some I’m sure you’ve already Googled (Conquest For Death, Chu Chi Nut Nut, and the Pine Cone Express), and others you probably shouldn’t Google (This Is My Fist, Anal Mucus). But my main whip these days is The Love Songs, a band we started back in the late 90s in an effort to grow another foot into which we could shoot.

It turns out that The Love Songs needs a break from time to time, most likely from me, but also to tend to our 2.6 million Facebook followers. You can knock our band name all you want but you’ll never be as good as we are at attracting SE Asian teenagers looking to share their favorite love songs (lower case) online. So, fielding 1,000 complaints a day from offended Malaysian kids who think our profound musings on bands that start with the letter “D” eats up a lot of the band’s collective resources. That said, I don’t much care so I’m left with a lot of free time, which I spend pursuing my true love – making great songs not as good. Furthermore, I pride myself in going the extra mile by making amateur videos of these tributes to show just how hard I’m trying to achieve nothing of real import.

Buuuuttttttttttt, every now and then I stumble upon some friends who help me out and before I know it I’m involved in something awesome. Case in point…

Because SNFU is one of my all-time favorite bands (who was also one of the best live bands I’ve ever seen), I was coincidentally working on a couple covers when Chi Pig passed away last year. To commiserate with other grieving fans of the band, I asked some folks if they’d like to contribute to these covers, and in doing so I inadvertently created an all-star team of Punk Rock royalty. A collaboration truly worthy of being my flagship song/video for this column.

My primary aim though was to invoke consideration (and donations) for some causes that I think Chi Pig would have supported:

So who are these significant sonic soldiers who selflessly shredded this song?

  • Vocals – Boom Boom Kid (BBK, Fun People – Buenos Aires, ARG)
  • Guitar – Doug Carrion (Field Day, Dag Nasty, Descendents – Studio City, CA)
  • Guitar – Alex Yeung (Conquest For Death, Say Bok Gwai, Voco – San Francisco, CA)
  • Guitar Solo – Urian Hackney (Rough Francis, The Box, Last World, Cardi B – Burlington, VT)
  • Bass – Juninho (Ratos de Parao, O Inimigo – São Paulo, BR)
  • Drums – me!
  • BBK recorded his vocals into his phone, but without internet he was unable to send video – so excuse the liberties I took by converting static images of him into “singing.” The real video hero here is Alex Yeung who put it all together.

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to writing at you next month! Mention that you read this far and receive 10% off your next order!

“El Sepulturero” Lyrics
(translation by Boom Boom Kid)

Bien tarde en la noche
Este gran hombre va a trabajar
Feliz con su chamba
Poniendo gente bajo tierra
Infierno o el cielo?
Quien lo puede decidir?
Pero algo es seguro
La gente siempre va a morir

Mi sepulturero
Ven a conócerlo ya
Huele a podrido
Y también te dirá adiós
Y Este es el fin!

Nadie dormirá
Porque al viejo se lo ve fatal
Y mañana todo mal
Porque el mismo se enterrará
Quien llenará
Los pozos cuando el se vaya ?
Pero algo es seguro
Muertos siempre aquí habrá

Mi sepulturero
Ven a conocerlo ya
Huele a podrido
Y también te dirá adiós
Ya en el pozo
Ya en la fosa

Mi sepulturero
Escalofríos te dará
Mi sepulturero
Su toque helado te dará
Y un sueño sin fin …yaaaa!

Separate from his main gig with The Love Songs, Craigums (and sometimes his friends) recreate songs that have no business being recreated. Visit Website

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  • Peter J Shepherd says:

    I loved this collaboration and also loved seeing SNFU. I saw them once at Gilman in the 80s and once in Sacramento.

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