Bad Copy

Scene Around

Nick Woods

Ask him to sign your stolen Banksy street art!

Fest 16

This week we’ve got Nick Woods from Direct Hit! You know, he’s the guy who is always yelling at you to “get pumped” and is secretly Banksy. I think we actually met for the first time when Direct Hit was on tour with Elway and they all stayed at a friend’s house after the Seattle show. I remember sitting on a couch watching Nick do poppers on one side of me, and Joe Henderer pour beer into Tim Browne’s ear on the other side. Meanwhile, Devon Key was playing a video game, ignoring all of it. And really, that kind of sums up both bands in a strange way. I always enjoy seeing Nick wherever we happen to be at the same time. He is a super genuine person and has a very lovely family.

I took this photo of Nick at Fest 16 while we watched The Lillingtons play 8 Seconds (I refuse to call it “Cowboy’s”).

At Fest 15, I realized I have met a ton of people through music, but I always only seem to take photos of bands onstage. As a way to switch things up, I decided to point my camera at people instead. These are the people I have met through music. One shot, black and white, in the moment. No other rules.

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