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Question The Answers Podcast: Episode #15 – Devon Kay

Devon Kay is refining the art of public access television for an internet age, and we are not worthy!!

This week, Andy is joined by Devon Kay. Devon is the singer and guitarist for Devon Kay & the Solutions, not to mention a member of Direct Hit! (Fat Wreck Chords). He and the Solutions have recently released a new album, Limited Joy, which is out now on A-F Records. The Chicago band blends Punk with elements of Power-Pop, New-Wave and even some influence from Ska to formulate a truly original sound.

During the pandemic, Devon has been keeping busy as a content creator, and not just in a music sense. He dove head first into the world of Twitch streaming with his own spin on a public access show. Side bar: Not to put too fine a point on it, but can’t help but notice some parallels between the long hair, living in the Midwest, doing a public access style show and being a guitarist… Schyea!!, right!!! We go over some of the finer details of recording an album, as well as the ups and downs that occur with different record labels. He shares with me some of his favorite bands that people may not have heard about, and as usual he shares his 5 desert island albums.

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Question The Answers Podcast is hosted by Andy Pohl, who is the founder of Sell The Heart Records and the guitar player for Tsunami Bomb. Every week we will be presenting a brand new episode featuring an individual that has made a contribution to the independent music scene in some way. Check back here on Wednesdays for a premiere of each episode, and you’ll also be able to find us on Spotify, Apple Music, Stitcher and other audio podcast streaming services in the days following the initial premiere.

Take a deep dive into the independent music scene. The Question The Answers podcast features interviews with creative people working together in the scene.

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